hier krijg ik het warm van :p

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hier krijg ik het warm van :p

Berichtdoor hippiexbox » wo 13 apr 2016, 13:00

Wrapped For Pleasure(The Story)

MIA is a pretty red haired 15 years old girl who is a spider web fetish...because Mia is a spider fetises,she always wanted to experience the pleasure of the smooth spider web...so she always wear stuffs made out of shiny spandex/lycra...she ofter wear shiny black spandex legging covered with a miny skirt,on top she wears a shiny black spandex full body sleeve with a T-shirt on top OR she just wear her SHINY ZENTAI suits the covers them with some normal short clothing....she always have one dream...and that is to be webbed by a spider....she always check for new spider web art and stories on deviantart....and she was amazed by anga's web series...and that just makes her even more to be webbed by a spider....one day she visited her granparents home...it was a very big and old house...after having some family time she decided to have a little adventure in her granparents basement...in there she founds alot of old stuffs...then she found this wodden box with spider form carved to it...and at the top it says May...Mia then oppened it...a spider imidietly jumped out from the box.....then the small spider turn bigger then Mia...Mia was suprised,scared and also accited...because this is what she always wanted a spider big enaugh to web her..but she is also afraid it will eat her...then the giant spider spoke with a smooth woman voice...."are you a family member of Sam robetson ?"Mia replied "Yes,He is my grandfather" The the spider said"then you are one of my master ,my Name is MAY...may I know your name ?"Then Mia reply by intoducing herself...After that the spider told Mia that she was found by her granfather in a jungle somewhere in Indonesia..where she is trapped...after she was freed...she pleged loyalty to her grandfather and will serve his family forever...upon hering that Mia was exited...she finally got what she wanted...a giant spider that will obey her...Mia explained her spider fetish to her and the spider smiled...Mia asked her...can she web her in her web ?The spider replied happily...I'm so happy to hear your request...I would happily web you in my finest web...Mia was very happy...she jumped back and forward hearing that...Ater That Mia Take The Spider to her room...
In her room...Mia locked the door and Turned her air condition on,then she starts to remove all of her spandexes ...The spider aked"are you ready for the best pleasure of your life ?"Mia said "YES !!!!"then the spider starts the cocooning proces.
The spider began by pulling its smoothest spider silk then raps it around mia's legs...Mia Was rushed with the best pleasure in her life..the spider happily raps Mia's leg to the point of her knees...Mia Was Overwelmed by the pleasure and the spider can see that...the spider then starts to wrap Mia in her thigh...the spider wraps Mia slowly so she can fell the web slowly wraps her in pleasure...then Mia puts her hands on her thing...the web then comes to the parth where it wraps Mia's smooth bottom and her thing...as the goo pours down on her thing and bottom...she felt more pleasure to herself...the web goes up tp wrap her abdomen,her back...then to her smooth breast...at that point she is very high on pleasure...then the web goes to her neck and cover her in a smooth gag.....The spider then make a nest and put Mia On the center.....Mia is very high in pleasure right know,and she is so happy that her dream came true....The spider said"There,now you are covered in my finest silk....I'll cut you up in a couple of ours...till then Enjoy your self...then the spider went to sleep besides Mia...Mia was very happy...wiggling in her pleasure cocoon...she taught of a new ways of webbing herself :)...then she got a wonderfull new idea for her next webbing pleasure :)
To Be Continued :)

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